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Education in the Ethical Use and Care of Animals in Research and Training - IACUC

Investigators and research staff who work with animals must be certified by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  More information on IACUC education reqirements can be found here:

As part of the review of a proposed study describing use of animals, the IACUC evaluates the training and experience of investigators and research staff who work with animals.

The 2011 8th Edition of the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals issued by the National Research Council stipulates that all training should be documented and that all research groups should receive training in animal care and use legislation, IACUC function, ethics of animal use and the concepts of the Three Rs, methods for reporting concerns about animal use, occupational health and safety issues pertaining to animal use, animal handling, aseptic surgical technique, anesthesia and analgesia, euthanasia, and other subjects, as required by statute.

All study team members must have current training in order to receive protocol approval from the USF IACUC.

Effective July 1, 2012, as part of the IACUC certification process all Investigators,  research staff and students who work with animals must complete an online training module through ” through the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Learning Library.

The AALAS online training course completion is required every three years.

To obtain an AALAS Learning Library account, which is required to access the AALAS course, send an e-mail to, requesting the establishment of an AALAS Learning Library (ALL) account.  Please include your full name and your complete email address with the request for your ALL account. 

The AALAS Learning Library can be accessed at

Please choose the AALAS courses listed below:
• “Laws, Regulations, Policies, and the Guide – USF Orientation”

Passing score of 85% correct is required to get credit for the course. If a passing score is not achieved, trainees have an opportunity to retake the quiz component as many times as needed until they secure the required minimum score of 85%.

Once you have completed the AALAS training module, you must save a copy of your certificate of completion for future reference.

James A. Haley VA Hospital Employee Training Requirements

All research staff (VA and non-VA) participating in animal projects at the James A. Haley VA Hospital (JAHVA) animal facility, and all VA employees (including WOC) who use VA resources as part of and IACUC proposal, must complete the web-based training modules listed below. This training requirement includes all research technicians and investigators at the JAHVA.

Training is required prior to approval of all animal protocols. Training is required biennially thereafter. The training is available from the (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website located at

"Working with the VA IACUC" ...This module must be completed by all VA research staff that use animals.

The second training required is the module associated with the species of research animal that is being used. If more than one species is being used by a research team, then more than one species module will have to be completed (by each member of the team), e.g., "Introduction to Mice" and "Introduction to Rats."

 A copy of the certification of completion is to be provided to VA R&D Office JAHVH Room 205, mail code 151 or by fax 813-631-3443.

JAHVA CITI training is acceptable in lieu of the USF ALL course

IACUC-Required Survival Surgical Training

Principal Investigators proposing survival rodent aseptic surgical procedures and research personnel intending to contribute to the implementations of such procedures must provide the IACUC with a certificate of completion for the AALAS Learning Library (ALL) course entitled “Aseptic Technique in Rodent Survival Surgical Procedures” and for wet lab training in such procedures, prior to IACUC protocol approval.

The wet lab is offered by Comparative Medicine at regularly scheduled intervals. The wet lab is attended after completing the AALAS Learning Library Module.
To access AALAS go the following website
For assistance with the AALAS Learning Library, please contact the IACUC office:

For questions regarding and to schedule wet lab training, please contact the Comparative Medicine
Training coordinator:

AALAS Navigation Instructions for USF IACUC Training

The IACUC has updated IACUC Principle VIII.9 regarding the documentation of required personnel training in methods of rodent survival aseptic surgical procedures that must be uploaded to an individual’s ARC personnel profile prior to implementing such procedures in new proposed IACUC protocol applications, attached below, and viewable at

This new IACUC Principle VIII.9 is reflected in a new item 17.1.2a in the IACUC protocol application, which requires that the Principal Investigator (PI) and personnel that will serve as surgeons conducting survival aseptic surgical procedures in rodents be identified and certified as trained.

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