Login FAQ
ARC Portal now supports USF NetID Single Sign-on in addition to ARC Portal login.
Need more information about this feature?  Please see the Questions and Answers below:
Why are there two ways to login to ARC Portal?
Historically, ARC Portal has required a separate username and password for system access.  With NetID Single Sign-on, most ARC Portal users will be able to access their submissions with the same login they already use for other USF systems.  Since not all ARC Portal users have an active NetID, existing ARC logins will continue to work as before.   
I have an active NetID, can I use it to login to ARC?
Yes, as long as your ARC account is active and your ARC username matches your NetID.  If you have questions about updating your ARC username to match your NetID, please contact the ARC Help Desk at rsch-arc@usf.edu or (813) 974-2880.
Do new users still have to register through ARC to receive an account?
Yes, the account registration process has not changed.  All new users must register for access, using the 'Register Here' link on the home page.
Why doesn't my NetID password work on the ARC login screen?
NetID login can only occur on the NetID login page to which you are redirected upon selecting the 'USF NetID' login option.  After successful NetID login, you will be redirected and automatically logged into ARC.
What happens when I use the "Forgot Username" and "Forgot Password" Links in ARC Portal?
The ARC site "Forgot Username" and "Forgot Password" links only manage your ARC login credentials. Upon using these services, you will receive an ARC system email that contains your ARC username or a reset ARC password.  An ARC password reset will have no effect on your ability to use NetID to login. 
What if I forgot my NetID username or password?
Please visit: https://my.usf.edu for help with NetID. 
I'm ready to login, where do I go?
Click Here to Login to ARC